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Types of Exhibition Stands


The primary reason for exhibiting is to build brand awareness and sell your products and services to your prospective clients and customers. You want to attract clients that are interested in buying your goods and taking your services, so it is important that you have an exhibition stand that will help you achieve this aim.  An exhibition will feature hundreds of competitors all seeking the same attention, it imperative that you have a stand that best catches the eyes of the attendees.


You can achieve this by using exhibition stand designers to create a customized display stand that stands out.  There are many types of shapes and styles of custom made shell scheme stands that you can select from, here are some of the most popular choices.



Poles and panels are combined to build a versatile and attractive display stand. This type of display stands can provide you with a complete exhibition solution, and you can easily change the background to display your company or brand name by adding printable display panels.  Once you have selected the graphics of your stand,  it is important to choose a variety of furniture that fits in with the color and style of the rest of your stand. To learn more about display stands, visit http://www.ehow.com/how_7947610_diy-folding-display-racks.html.


Pop Up Displays and Banner

If you have limited space or space that needs filling on your exhibition stand, a pop up display and banner stand is most suitable.  These type of stands are lightweight and easy to transport allowing you to use them at multiple exhibitions and move them around quickly.  Pop up display and banner offers you with a cheaper display method that takes up less space yet an effective way of exhibiting your products.



 If you constantly travel to advertise your services or products, modular exhibition stands may not be the best choice. You may want a stand that is easily portable. A specially designed display stand is what you need.  The stand will have a roll up banner and a lightweight metal frame that makes it easy for you to transport and set up your exhibition.



Island stands have no walls and are centrally located in a trade-show.This type of stand allows your visitors to walk around all the sides of the display, so there is a need to ensure it is enticing from all angles. If there is enough space, you can design, and island stands with screens on all sides and even build upwards to make it visible to people who are far away.